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NDIS Medium Term Accomodation and Assistance - Dandenong, Melbourne

NDIS medium term accomodation and assistance

What is a Medium-Term Accommodation?

There are instances where an individual seeks accommodation for a short period of time until they find suitable long-term accommodation. In such situations, they can use NDIS MTA which is not a stand-alone option and is provided along with other facilities covered in a participant’s NDIS plan. This service is funded only where there is confirmation of a long-term housing solution such as Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). Using NDIS medium term accommodation at Arise Ability Assist, you will get to live in a safe environment for a period of around 90 days without any worries. Participants will receive top-notch quality service and expert supervision. You can easily rely on our facility in Dandenong while you are awaiting the availability of your long-term housing support.

You can have a look at our plans specifically designed to provide dedicated care to individuals with a disability. We take pride in offering one of the best temporary home-like spaces to NDIS participants who are looking for reliable support with plenty of amenities. The most important thing is that we help you save a huge amount of money on hotels or hospital bills with viable options.

NDIS Provider in Dandenong

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